About Us

We are a family church. We are a community of all ages, all different shapes and sizes, singles, married, married with children, retired, in college, and many other phases of human existence. Yet we aren’t many families, but we are one. We believe that the best kind of family is made up of many generations. That is our identity.

More importantly than being a family is the one who draws us together, Jesus Christ. Jesus is central to who we are and why we believe that God has called us to be a family community.

We recognize that we are a community of broken people, but seek to walk together through life encouraging each other and blessing each other. We are a community of forgiven forgivers. Our deepest desire is to be God’s messengers reconciling the world to God, just as we have been.

If you are looking for a place to belong, a place to worship the Savior, consider visiting and being the newest addition to the family.

We belong to the Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church is a diverse family of healthy congregations, assemblies, and ministries expressing the good news of God’s kingdom that transforms lives and communities worldwide. Learn more about the CRC at crcna.org


Our Stephenville Christian Reformed Church traces its beginning to June of 1986 when five people: Janet and Owen Sieperda, Tony and Evelyn Beltman, and Margaret Houtsma began meeting together for Bible Study with the hope that, if possible, a Christian Reformed Church could one day be established in the area. The group was soon joined by others who shared the same interest, and the seeds of a Christian Reformed Church in Stephenville were now planted.

The group felt that if well-qualified leaders for Bible study were available, not only would everyone benefit, but others would be attracted to join them as well. An ad was placed in THE BANNER, the monthly magazine of the Christian Reformed Church, asking if there were any retired pastors who might be willing to come and live for a time in this area.

We were delighted when Rev. Julius Vande Hoek wrote that he would be passing through on vacation and would be willing to preach for us on January 11, 1987. This was our first Christian Reformed service in Stephenville. It was held at the Oakdale United Methodist Church, with 39 people attending!

We started corresponding with other retired pastors, inviting them to come and lead our group in worship. Rev. Garret Vande Riet offered to come to Stephenville for two months, beginning in February 1987. At that time, we rented rooms on the second floor of the Stephenville Cattle Company office to serve as our place of worship. It became known as the "Upper Room."

From February 1987 to October 1990 we were ably served by a total of 15 retired pastors. We thank God for their ministry, who, even though they were "retired" were willing to come and provide us with leadership and support.

In June of 1987 our group, now numbering around 65 souls began discussing the possibility of purchasing land as a future site for our church campus, In August 1987 our congregation voted unanimously to approve the purchase of 11.1 acres of land and on November 5 of that year it became officially ours,

Classis Pella (now Classis Central Plains) approved our request to organize and on March 13, 1988, we were officially organized with 13 families and 5 individuals as charter members.

The following May a building committee was appointed to draft plans for a dual-purpose building that could serve both as a house of worship and a Christian School. Final plans were approved by August, which were forwarded to Classis Pella for approval together with a request for financial aid. Both requests were granted.

During the summer of 1989, we contacted the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP; a group of retired volunteers based in Pasadena, CA, whose mission it was to construct Church buildings and other church related projects). Ground breaking ceremonies were held on September 19, 1989, with Rev, Henry De Mots officiating. And extreme cold spell, however, delayed the pouring of concrete until the following December. Slowly our church was becoming a reality, and our first service in the newly-constructed building was held on September 16, 1990.

Six pastors were called to serve the Stephenville congregation: John Van Hemert served from 1992-1993, Eliot Vander Lugt served from 1994-1998, Gideon Wamala served from 2002-2007, Merwin Rylaarsdam from 2008-2015, Brian Tarpy from 2016-2020, and Greg Dyk from 2021 to present.

We praise God for 35 years of His faithfulness in providing for the needs of this little Christian Reformed Church, deep in the heart of Texas!